Anyone on Xbox Live?

Hey there, me here.
So i recently got an Xbox, and I got Xbox live all set up, and I am like “now who will play with me”?

So, my question is… does anyone here play on Xbox Live?
Anyone who would like to play a couple of games?

I am Balista on Live.

I will have Halo 2 on the 9th (of course!) and if anyone would like to try some games with some nice people it might be cool to have a group of guys who we “know” to play. And chat about Blender, of course:

“You see that new face selection mode?”
“Yeah, I was…”
“Ahhh! Covenant to the left”
“Out of ammo”
“Modelling a head. Die you!”
“got to cover the hill!”
“You keep all quads?”
“Got him!”

I play on my bro’s box every now and then, but through xbconnect, a third party program. His is heavily modded and I don’t think it works on X-box Live.

Yeah, I play on that sometimes, but all of my games (but Halo) work on live anyway.

I have xbox live my name is Bog Mummy. I dont have halo2 reserved probally should but I would love to play. Mabye the weekend halo 2 comes out.