Anyone teach how to do this shiny burning ball?

Notice the sun type of object moving on screen, anyone know of a tutorial that shows how to create that from scratch please?

Thank you:)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Now I know how to do that, do you know how to get it look like a nice Sun that’s moving? I choose emission as material but can’t get it looking like a beautiful sun as that video has it? Mine just looks like a yellow circle, nothing spectacular.

I tried following that video but it’s in German and it doesn’t work as the Sun disappears from showing at all if I follow that video.

Any suggestions?

Anyone can help please?

On 16:28 of the video, did you set particle system object>icosphere with 0.005 size?

You didn’t set up render layers appropriately in layers tab and in compositor.

Ahhh Thank you :slight_smile: I will check that now.

It’s starts about 16.20.

Checking it now, thanks:) Will let you know how I go.