anyone tried New Audio System by hcube

Has anyone tried the new sound system yet? Does it work with the game engine?
Anyone got a Windows or Linux build?

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Would be lovely to use oggs or mp3s in the BGE

thanks in advance

Pygame already does that

Yes but it would be nicer if all parts of Blender could support natively support these formats without having to install any extra software.

Yes, and C++ already makes games. Why even bother improving the Game Engine at all, since there’s already a more complicated working solution available? It’s nice to be able to use PyGame, but I’d rather not have to (for one thing, PyGame can’t access the audio card from within Blender on my computer, so no… PyGame does not already do that for me).

fobsta, I read the project description, and one of the project requirements is “no feature loss.” Two sound systems had been used in the past (SDL for the sequencer, and OpenAL for the Game Engine), and hcube has reworked the code so that only one sound system is used by both. That’s my understanding, at least. So if this is the case, then the new sound system should work with the GE.

thanks blendenzo

Looks like there is still life in the old Blender Game Engine and reports of it’s death has been greatly exaggerated…