Anyone trying Gimp 1.3.19?

This thing rocks!
Best feature is the shaped brush cursor. Now you can see were you place this huge dirt-brush. Doesn’t work with really big brushes and tabet but we’re on the right way.


P.S. I just posted this while waiting for the Fiber 2.0 script.

I’ve been using the GIMP 1.3.x series since 1.3.14.

I love it!!

Thanks for heads up on the new version!!

You must have missed my thread: “Gotta Get the GIMP” :wink: Hey, and if you like the brush feature, wait until you find the bumpmap feature, or my personal favorite: ‘make seamless’ There is also a feature that will allow you to quickly create stereo 3D.

I talked about new features… :wink:

/me is stuck with windows.

/me is stuck with gimp 1.2.4



On the site (which is down…) someone posted a screenshot of Gimp 1.3.xx on a windows box. Maybe you should start a google session…
Good luck!