Anyone using the Blend2Pixie Script modified by Marc UME?


well i’ve got bitten by the renderman bug. is anyone using the Blend2Pixie script posted on by Marc at UME?

The script needs the paths and rootdir editing etc and I’m having problems getting the paths correct , errors about not finding shaders, shadow and displacement.

Is anyone using it successfully, except for the UME brothers of course.


Hi, I gave it a try, so maybe I can help.

tell me precisely what’s your problem?


Hi, well the problems are regarding what and where in the script needs setting up to get it to work with python 2.4 and Blender 2.37a or 2.4 alpha. I’ve tried messing with it’s paths etc on windows and linux.

There are a number of things that don’t work right. Like the root directory value, the script puts \ in the path instead of one in places, the envshader path or settings, not being able to find the shaders because the path gets \ put into it in places.

If you have time to download and run it your going to get the same errors as me i guess. I’m trying to configure it to run on my linux boxes.

On the commandline:

Using Python version 2.4

------- script start

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “<string>”, line 243, in ?
File “/usr/lib/python2.4/”, line 17, in getitem
def getitem(self, key): return[key]
KeyError: ‘SHADERS’


seems that path for pixie aren’t well configured. I’m using windows and defined manually pixie pathes and everything works fine.

Hope it’ll help.

And yes you still have to indicate your root diretory in the script (which is your PROJECT directory, not pixie root.

it should then create inside this project directory all subdirectories needed.

check at this link if not done yet :

I have looked and cannot find this script. Is this the only renderman type exporter?


No, it’s not. On the Aqsis site (, someone wrote his own script. Don’t know if it’s work. I wrote my own too, but still under developpment. Blender community need a dscent renderman exporter. Some people are hightly motived (like pgregory).