Anyone using the Quadro FX 4800 for Mac?

Thinking about upgrading my card so that I can use Cycles and Octane more efficiently.
Can’t find much on this card except for early release reviews which slammed it.
Later, but more incomplete reports are a bit nicer.
Mainly concerned with Blender and Adobe stuff - mainly Photoshop.
Thanks, Mike.

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You’d be better of with a GeForce card, as fast but way cheaper… From GTX285 (192 cores) to the GTX480 (480 cores) depending on how much money you want to spend… I’m not shure which cards are available for Mac but GTX285, GTX480 are available for shure…

Depending on your mac pro model, get the gtx 285. Unfortunately, no 480s available for macs, as far as I am aware. Apple only offers (besides the Quadro) ati cards in the newer model.

Or run Linux/Windows, and install a 480 card. However, the power supply may not be up to the task.

Zoinks, why is Apple so limited in regards to gpu hardware for its mac pros? Sigh.

If you click the GTX480-link in my post you will actually come to an Ebay auction of a GTX480 for Mac… :smiley:

Much Obliged Farmfield!

No prob’s mate. :slight_smile: