Anyone who knows anything about indigo...HELP!!!!

i already asked for an answer to this problem on the indigo forums and havnt gotten any replys so i figured i would try on this one.:yes: Sooooooo i downloaded indigo 2.0.6 and blendigo 2.0.9, and evrery time i try to apply an external material to any object and i try to render it, this message comes up ( Error: SceneLoaderExcep: ObjectExcep: No such uv set ‘default’ (In element ‘model’, around line 134, column 5)) PLEASE HELP!!!:spin::(:frowning:

Just use Lux, it works.

ok i got lux, but do i need to do anything to it besides download and install it? Do i need to put any files in specific folders for it to work?

There are other forums you know:-

Hey 3d geek,

That bug has been fixed in newer blendigo builds. But the problem was you needed to go to the blendigo material editor and change the field ‘default’ to ‘UVset’. It’s a stupid bug yup but it’s getting fixed. :slight_smile:

Any chance of luring you back?