Anyone willing to 3d model this mask?

Trying to model this mask but I’m new to Blender. Still learning but if someone is willing to do it. Would appreciate it.

Welcome :tada:,
you that the learning effect would ebe zero. Anyway: you might think about some more features of this mask. For example: it isn’t clear how the side view would look like (according to a reference face and to design). The real face which is visible alone doesn’t help because: you know lense effects disturb the real object (in extreem fish eye lense). So while thinking about this the next step would be to put this image as reference in belnder and sketch the lines to push them in Y to think about the side view… and if you keep going you model you mask by yourself and learn… :wink:

Here you go, Topology isn’t great but you can easily retopologize or clean it up. I didn’t bother with the back area but hopefully it’s a good enough start for you to carry on. Good luck :+1:
Mask.blend (798.8 KB)

Thanks man, I appreciate the helpful tips! I’ll definitely keep trying to make it.

Thank you, I’ll use that reference to make my own!