Anyway round the uv map limit of 10 per mesh?

So I am projection painting a body and the uv maps only allow 10 slots.The face alone needs 4 of them then back and front body legs arms hands feet why are we limited to only 10 slots?Is there a way to increase the amount?

Short answer; No.

Longer answer; Why are more than 10 maps needed for a character (most people just use one or two)?

You only need as many UV maps as the maximum number of different unwrappings for any single face. In particular, if you have for some reason used 4 for your character’s face, you can (and should) reuse those same 4 for each other part of the body; remember, every UV map is of the entire mesh. In fact, while there are legitimate uses for a large number of maps, and I myself have found the limit annoying at times, I doubt that you actually need more than 1 or 2 for your projection painting.

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Well I’m doing projection painting and don’t want to use the same maps so the image is stored if i reuse a map then have to redo the former map i have to resize etc etc texturing is so time consuming as it is

I agree with tawdry that it would be nice, from time to time, to have more than 10 maps. The answer that “nobody should ever need more than 10” (which someone, somewhere, is probably thinking) feels to me like when FAT32 was created and they said “nobody should ever need a file larger than 2GB” – it was totally true at the time, but times can change.

I also agree with MCollett that the method for working with multiple maps is fairly straightforward and robust. But still…

I’m not a coder, but I wonder how difficult it would be to to add the capability for more maps, and if that would impact other parts of the program. I can’t imagine it causing much trouble, but like I said, not a coder.

Yea I mean why not just leave it open ended. Someone must have hardcoded in the 10 max when it would have been easier to not code at all. So is there a reason the number is just not left up to the user?

Not at all. As long as you only unwrap the faces you want to work on from a particular angle or whatever, any previous unwrapping of other faces to the same map is unaffected.

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Depending on the transparency of the maps or how you have them arranged, you could export the UV texture as a single image and then reapply it in place of its constituent texture slots. But, you would then have to delete those original textures to make room, so I would recommend saving the original and then trying this in the new version when you think you’re done with everything but want to add some more detail.

Ouch my head hurts trying to follow all of that . So i put the fuel in the rocket set the telemetry and then…wooah slow down I’m not a rocket scientist.

Yea you are right. I’m usually in a big hurry so i just select whole mesh.Still doesn’t justify limiting a feature if there is no reason for been so.

I just tried it – I could only get 8 UV Maps…