Anyway to reset objects axis?

I think I kinda screwed up. Somehow I moved my object in a way that the axis is now to the rear and high of it (see pic) and I cannot mirror the partial face to do the other side. Instead when I try to mirror it the mirrored half shows up back to the right of the axis point. Is there a way to reset the axis point of the object? I tried Shift+S but that just centers the cursor to whatever selection you want.

Also if I am not mistaken, even if I duplicate the head and just mirror it, then use the Fkey to make the faces I wont be able to sculp it using the symmetry functions because they rely on the objects true axis point?



Have a play with these buttons.



Thank You enhzflep! I’m glad I won’t have to scrap the whole thing and start over.

You can also enter edit mode, select all verticies and move the entire mesh independent of its object’s center, to adjust the behavior of operations that use the object center in their calculations, like the mirror modifier.
Which I guess is how you ended up with this situation in the first place. :slight_smile:

Hi there.
Just want to get that old thread updated… How can I do the same in blender 2.5?
I read that there is now “Center New” Button etc, anymore.
Only “Origin to Geometry” etc. But somehow that didn’t give me the wanted result.
Can somebody help me?


This button gives exactly the same options as the buttons highlighted in the previous post (for center read origin)