Apartment Architectural Interior: from Blender/Cycles Render to Unreal project

I have a personal practice, architectural office in Athens, Greece.
We use Blender to render still images of interiors of our work for presentations to our clients. Recently we have discovered UE4 and the possibility it offers to present in real-time video exploration.

Would you be interested in taking a completed project of ours from Blender to UE4? What I would require is a fully functional, UE4 project for the apartment space.
Though most all meshes and UV unwraps would come from our own work, what I request is the video presentation AND the assets with all content: materials, blueprints, actions, etc.

What you would gain in addition to your fee is the actual interior model.
Apart from the models included in the blend file, we can make arrangements to market the project in UE4 Marketplace, in a few months after I present to the client.

Below are a few of the renders of the apartment:

and a few more :

Please check out additional specs in the thread at the Unreal Forum and provide a quote for items (A) and (B) as described there (easier to maintain one thread and there was more interest there than here)
Thank you,