Apartment archviz

Hello, just finished another commercial archviz with eevee. All drawings, material specs, etc are provided by architect, some models from previous projects, some are from 3dsky.org.
All is renered in blender 2.8 with eevee renderer. average render time is about 1.5 mins per image
Hope you like it.


Looking very good. Did you use light probes? If yes what was the settings. Only the fire looks too much like a flat texture and in some views it fells like too bright, missing shadowing.

very realisticly, great colours and light mood :slight_smile:

there is no irradiance cache here - only reflaction maps

Did you bake the scene in cycles first?

If yes did you use a tool like

Most all your lights are (or seem) pure white, especially ceiling recessed ones. It may be richer and more diverse, if they have off-white “temperatures”, as in rl.

Why not? I thought you need it to get indirect light, no?
Could it be a reason it looks so evenly lit?

Irradiance means time for its setup, it produces artifatcs so hdr+AO is better for now, yep we will have basic light on whole scene and acsents with lightsources but we will not spend time on artifacts.

Yes but you have no indirect effect of colors and light. Below are two sample images both in Eevee, the first with irradiance volumes (indirect light probes on a cubemap) and the second without. All lights, everything else is the same.

Then I erased the irradiance probes (reflection cubemaps and reflection planes still in place) and after a re-bake, it looks like this (Notice there are no warm tones from the bounces off the wood floor, no grading near dark vs light colors etc) :

Not only are surfaces unbiased by their immediate surroundings (indirect lighting) and therefore look dull and flat, but there are also mistakes: with reflection cubemap and no irradiance cubemap, the ceiling is picking up the green ground from the hdri (odd, but irradiance volume corrects it. An artifact?)

It’s not that much fuss to add the irradiance and clear the artifacts.

your image is not representative you have not setup lights for non GI lightset model.
Check my tutorial about blender internal, and you will find that i dont need irradiance map :slight_smile: .

Instead of having problems with irradianse samplers i will wait for RTX support, it will happen and than cycles will die.

I have no time for “tweaking” i have too much work to do :slight_smile:

so here is another axample made today - no irrmaps and other garbage just 7 hours of work and client happy.

Tonight i need to finish another apartment - it is more than 5 t rooms - just final touches with architect via teamviewer. And with eevee i will be able to do for 2 hours, In past in cycles i would need about 8 hours for this. So cycles for archviz is a deadend.

Thank you for taking the time to make a tutorial like that. Interesting way to replace indirect lighting and bounces, ie irradiance, (your method is adding surface lights for each colorful surface) but sorry I’m not convinced by the results, that your method is better - I prefer the results from irradiance (given that the time gains from Cycles are huge, because raytracing is, in my opinion the best of all)

Why isn’t it representative? it shows exactly what happens when you take irradiance away.
What does “non Gl lighset model” mean please?

Good luck with your work!

Well if you can’t figure what does “non GI lightset means” - i can not help you, sorry.

Good luck with irradiance, but i’ll wait for RTX :slight_smile: and for now my “non GI lighting lightset” works fine for me and my clients. :wink:

No need to be arrogant.

Sorry, but i’m not arrogant. I’m just constatating the Eevee’s irradiance maps are useless for commecial archviz at the moment. Beacuse theese irradiance maps are not giving the predictable result, That’s all.
Maybe in future this stuff wil be better, but for now it is as is.

How useful something is is subjective. Perhaps you dont like it. TBH i dont know much about it as i havent explored eevee just yet, so i cant voice my opinion on the subject. But make sure you respect what tools other people use :wink:

Pride … goes on down to eternity of personal opinion… PoV. :wink:

Experience makes it predictable.

well if the result differs from time to time - i mean that you calculated irrmaps once, than you change something a bit, for example added a flowers bucked on the table and recalculated irrmaps once again. and you will have an artifacts, dark areas, or overbrighted areas.
yep, all works, when your scene have from 3 to 5 lights, 4 walls and simple geometry, But when your scene has about 700 objects, 24 lights only in lusters + 16 light in sconces + windowlights + lights in the kitchen - irradiance maps becomes unpredictible.

Just simple test - calculated them once - all is OK, than clear all and calculate once again without any scene changes and we will get overdarked or overbrighted areas in unexpected places.

just try them not on simple scene like bedroom with one window or bathroom with 3 lamps and you will see what i’m trying to say.

yup, and the more you do it, the more you understand the tolerance, the probability, thus discretion…
The bias :wink:

What for?
When we can take similar HDR and set light manually - it is much faster, client will not see the differ.
I’m not talking about personal projects. I’m talking about commersial work. Client will not pay for the

Client need a smooth rendering fast - thats all. And Eevee has all stuff to give client what he wants.
As for me it is not something personal, it is just a job. that’s all.

Indeed. Payed for, it already is…
And is what biased means. That which is at “artist’s” discretion, based on personal opinion or so called “point of view”. You’ve just experienced “commissioned art-work”. The better you are, the greater the opportunity is to seize, thus gain. The choice is yours.

Keep up the spirit. :relieved: