Apartment block.

Modeled in Blender, exported to 3DSMax 7, rendered with Maxwell Render.
(Lamposts, benches, trash can & trees, are imported SketchUp models.)

40min render @ 16 samples (Hence high noise levels.)

Windows, balconies & much more to come, including textures.


nice! are the trees modeled or alpha mapped? i like the way they look. i’d try to increase the detail on the back building though. This might be just because it’s a test render, but it’s a little to grainy for my liking. That said, good work!

The trees are modeled and come as components in SketchUp. I just imported them as 3DS files.

Grain does dissappear with longer render times and higher sample level, but as you said this is just a wip test render. :smiley:



Arent’ the right most windows of the rear/left building a bit too close to the front/right building?

Can you explain why you use maxwell to render? Just want to know!

Hi, it’s because I saw this thread and didn’t believe they were renders. I though some one had taken photos and was trying to pass them off as 3D work.

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That’s why. :smiley:


Holy crap.

I would not have believed those were renders if he hadn’t posted the wireframes.