Apartment Complex

Here are 2 versions of an apartment complex I made.



Let me know what you think!

good to see some variation on the tutorial :wink:

After seeing Andrew Price’s video on Bllenderguru.com I was inspired to do one of my own. I was going to go with daytime originally, but I changed my mind midway through.

it looks quite good, however, at that level, you should go the extra mile, take an extra week, and add more detail.

at this amount of detail, it look incredible at ~ 500 pixels wide, but at 1600px, it looks a bit fake and simplified.

I hope you understand what I mean to say. As it is, it looks good, but with some more effort, it could end up in the gallery, or at least an excellent addition to any portfolio. :wink:

My personal preference is the morning one, but the night (sunset?) one is pretty good too.

I know this could still go a long way, but to be quite honest. I’m tired of this building! I actually started off with no plan. I just wanted to make a building. I was only going to spend 2 or 3 days tops on this, but I ended up working on it longer and harder than I had anticipated. I had no plan for this. I was kind of chipping away at the image as if it was a sculpture. I could have added much more to the scene, but I made the mistake of starting to do the lighting before everything was done. Then once my render times started getting pretty long, I focused more on the lighting and rendering, and kind of neglected dressing the scene up.

Next time I work on something (tomorrow) I’m going to plan it out much better.

Oh, and I decided to use a smaller version of my images. They’re way better.

looks pretty apartment complexish dude :slight_smile:

it looks quite good, however, at that level, you should go the extra mile, take an extra week, and add more detail.

Great modeling-rendering !!! but I have to agree with spacetug. An idea is that every window has its own story in reality. A great reference is Edward Hopper’s paintings.

Great renders, the only crit is there is a bit to much depth of field, which makes it look more like a toy building then an apartment. Still the Textures and modeling are great.

very good. i like the modern nice edges that it has… good work my friend!

Quick correction – I think you meant to say that it has too little depth of field. Depth of field is a description of how much is in focus. An infinite DoF would mean everything is in focus (e.g. Blender’s default).

And just as an aside, wide angle shots (like this one) tend to have much more DoF than telephoto shots. Longer focal lengths, larger apertures, and closer focusing all decrease DoF.

And to the OP, I think it looks nice. My only nitpicking on composition is that I don’t care for tilted a whole lot. Lots of character and definitely above-average realism. :yes: