Apartment renovation for private client

I was very excited with the release of the Lux build for Blender 2.8. I was already using 2.8 for along time but missed rendering with Lux and although it’s a very early release I was very impressed! It worked very well and the use Cycles nodes option is very nice and for the most part it works very well. I used on this scene and I’m pleased with the result. I only miss the bevel node, for Arch-viz it’s a must and I hope it will get in Lux.
This is a renovation project we did for an client in Austria recently and I had to have a go with Lux. It’s a loft with very small windows but no problem for Lux.
The developers of LuxCoreRender are doing an amazing job and it’s great for the Blender community to have all of this tools on our belt to do great work. Each tool, Cycles, EEvee and LuxCoreRender and others have specific uses and the fact that they available to us is an amazing thing.




Nice job.

And indeed it is good times now for blender community and things are always getting better.

Gorgeous work - PROPS!


Great stuff! what resolution and rendertimes on those images.

I’m glad you like them. This render for about 45m each render 1000 samples with a resolution of 3800x2160. This spaces has very small windows or none.

I wonder if the denoiser node from 2.81a would work here? Not that it’s needed, I’m just curious…
Edit: Love it, btw!

Edit2: Is the table board really that thin irl? If the table is approx. 70cm tall, that looks like 1cm thick board. For a table of that size I’d do at least 2-2.5cm. But this is just me nitpicking, don’t mind me. I love all the shots and the lighting and shadows are spot on. Congrats!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

You are right. the table board is 1.6cm. It should be ticker. I have to have a talk with the carpenter.:smile:

Thanks a lot, Bart! I’m honored.


the denoising node works, but luxcore has it’s own implementation of the OIDN denosier (for a long time now) that seems to do a better job with fireflies.

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I saw your images on luxcore forum but I haven’t not yet commented.

I like them , I really like the lighting, well distribueted.
main improvable points:

  • more props
  • for my taste, too much chromatic abberation

A nice spot also for LuxCore that is growing very well.

looks great! +1 for adding more props into the scenes