Apartment with the Blender renderer


i try to build an apartment and render it with the internal Blender renderer as realistic as possible.
Here is my first pic and a movie.


Wow, This is almost like Yafaray. This is the best Blender archi-internal I’ve ever seen.

The FOV is a little extreme, doesn’t feel like a photograph. But besides that it looks really good, I like the carpet. I think the matress should have a frame, maybe cherry wood. Also the steps could use a bit more light it’s tough to see which way they go.

Here an new picture.


Here the last version for the next few days.


Than take a look at this! http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=184555 :wink:

Anyway I like it! But the lightning needs more work. Look at the link I posted, there’s also a .blend file! I’m sure you can get some tricks from it!

Really nice job. I like the first render the best, not overly keen on the bloom in the latest one

keep up the good work


Lol! Thanks Tomo83 :wink:

at next i will build the kitchen.