Braaavo, cumpadre!

Wow, these are some really good renders.
Interesting to see your clamp values are so low.
Well done and thanks for sharing your settings.

Great renders! Thx for share your specs in scene.

there is my test with your setup !
thank’s for everything julioras

@Joan Savalli Thank you, I have not used glazed windows

power of light: Sun 0,330 Point 2,000

@camara Thank you

@julperado Thank you for your comment

@hug0 gracias

@famousWolf thanks man

@tjindy thanks

Olá Julio, mais uma vez um impressionante trabalho, venho seguindo o seu trabalho e aprendendo muito com ele.

Acredito que o seu “segredo” está no conjunto da obra: os materiais bem configurados, as texturas bem aplicadas, a distribuição da iluminação e uma ótima noção de fotografia.

Bem, assim como os outro “colegas” eu também tenho algumas dúvidas e ficaria feliz se você pudesse responder:
-Nas configurações de “Color Management” eu não tenho a opção “White Value”, a minha versão do Blender é a 2.75. Essa opção só aparece na versão 2.73.6?
-Sobre o HDR que você utiliza, você poderia indicar um bom site onde podemos conseguir imagens semelhantes?

Um pedido especial: eu acompanhava o seu canal no YouTube, por favor volte a fazer tutoriais.

Hoooooly crap! Teach me senpai!

Hallo , Julioras i like your render, is the pillow and cover made in Marvelous Designer?

Perfect! Also thank you for sharing settings/workflow!

This is an international forum,then you should use English only…

yes, this was done with Marvelous Designer.


As you wish master:
Hello Julio, once again an awesome job, I have been following your work and learning a lot from him.

I believe that his “secret” is in the body of work: the well configured materials, and textures applied, the distribution of light and a great sense of photography.

Well, like the other “colleagues” I also have some questions and would be glad if you could answer:
-in Settings of “Color Management” I do not have the “White Value”, my Blender version is 2.75. This option only appears in version 2.73.6?
-About HDR you use, you could indicate a good website where you can get similar images?

A special request: I followed your YouTube channel, please go back to do tutorials.

  • White Value is a feature implemented by lukas stockner and can be found in his own experimental build not in master.
  • From the look of the trees we can see through the windows. I think the HDRIs are from Viz people free collection. I could be wrong.

Excuse me sir, while im gonna pick up my jaw.

Hey, Julio! Amazing work! Really great! Top star. I hope you’ll teach us, for example, how to modelling and texturing that kind of chairs. :smiley:

A special request: I followed your YouTube channel, please go back to do tutorials.[/QUOTE]
That adjustments are really fast, thanks a lot.

Where can i find and download the version with White Value?
I just find the new denoising build.

If the cycles’s noise control and render speed could meet this quality, I don’t believe there’s a reason to choose Vray for commercial use in internal project.

You must be fooling us! This looks like a picture you took with your camera. :wink: