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Blender 2.73 and Cycles Render

Render Time: 46 Minutes
Samples: 1500
GPU: GTX 760

Portfólio:https: https://www.behance.net/juliocezarpires

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(Zique) #5

Awesome work bro!

(easydream) #6

Nice renderings!

(marcoG_ita) #7

Nice lighting! Have you tried a denoiser build? It could make them smooth as Corona/Vray. Though there is stil some issue with textures getting denoised.

(marcatore) #8

good renderings.

Really nice lighting and shading.

(Odilkhan Yakubov) #9

Hi. can you show us your material and render setups? :smiley:
Great as always! 5* stars from me!

(julioras) #10

@Zique Thank you very much.

@easydream Thank you very much

@marcoG_ita Yes, I have some problems with noises… I hope someday I’ll be able to totally get rid of them. I’ll try something as denoised. Thanks

@marcatore Thanks bro.

(prubini87) #11

Very nice!! Congratss. How long has it taken you to complete the whole project, if you can share that info??

(artssionate) #12

Great work! I like your lighting, very natural and realistic. I also like the interior design and styling of this apartment. :slight_smile:

(julioras) #13

@Odilkhan Yakubov Yes you can check the image

@prubini87 I did it in my free time, so I do not know how much time exactly I took to finish.

@artssionate Thank you very much

(Nemoz) #14

Love it. I would really like to see Node setup for wooden materials, any, doesn’t matter which.

(julioras) #15

They are all so simple… Thanks :slight_smile:

(theoldghost) #16

Nothing to say except OUTSTANDING.

(yandrychoy) #17

Impressive work, as always!!!..Could you, please, share the node setup for the curtains? and where did you take or download the geometric texture of the wall with the mirror. Thanks and regards from Cuba

(AlexSone) #18

Good work! Nice materials!

(hmd) #19

Very good work, I like! Can explain your lighting method please? I’m impressed by the cleanliness of your render. Keep going.

(MZGarmi) #20

There is no magic light setting, camera setting or render setting that make your render amazing.
julioras is genius at modeling, colors and composition thats why his renders looks so good.