Apartments on Włodarzewska


(paulina) #1

Hello guys.

This is one of my latest projects - apartment complex located in Warsaw, Włodarzewska street.
Made in Blender 2.78 and Cycles.
C&C are welcome.

(tjindy) #2

First viz too sharp light ray from windows. Its distrubing me :smiley:
Nice project at all. Personally i would like to see it with denoiser and without insta-like filters/mood :wink:
I really love your works, so keep posting :slight_smile:


(Zorian) #3

Hey Paulina, In my opinion you should give a try to Corona render for blender - it’s look more natural and there is less noise :wink: I saw a lot of your works on Artstations and in my opinion It will be good step for you:)

(paulina) #4

Hi/ cześć!
thanks for your response. I agree with the light rays from windows, there are too sharp.
I have heard of denoiser but I have never had a chance to use it. I’m a bit like a tram, as I get used to one version I’m already on it, and then time does not allow me to roll over to the next version, but I will definitely try, since so many people recommend denoiser.
I do not understand what you mean by insta-like filters. I did not use any filter or postproduction here. It’s pure Cycles…
But anyways, thanks for your replay.

(paulina) #5

Hi Zorian, thanks for your response. It is interesting that you mention it, because for some time now I have been thinking about switching to Corona renderer. I also think that it could be an improvement to my render flow. So thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:

(bluecd) #6

Bardzo przyjemna architektura i piekne widoki, gratulacje i powodzenia !
Nice and renderings, congrats and good luck !
Maybe even a bit greater if DOF applied?

(alejo_s11) #7

Hey, I like these renders. I don’t feel they’re noisy… Although I agree some render engines will get rid of the noise faster than Cycles.

I saw one of the people commenting that the light from the window is too sharp. Indeed this seems true to me.

Anyways, I’m not a big fan of day renders with lights on. Looks off to me.

But it is nevertheless clean good looking work and you should be able to pull of a night render quite nicely.

Finally, where you have vegetation, it seems too repetitive. I think this is caused because there is no overlapping between the bushes and the flowers. It looks like a perfect evenly distanced row. I think if you play around with the spacing, rotation, sizing and variety of vegetation (if you can) you’ll have more randomness and it will look natural.

My humble comments. Great work!

(3dnotguru) #8

It looks like archicad or revit more than blender. Did you make cars? They seem to be more complicated than buildings. Nice renders.

(Shady_Puck) #9

Great work! Love the lighting and modern, hard angles of the architecture.

One easy fix is that in the third (bottom-most) image, the tires of the VW are sunken into the parking lot. Might want to raise the model a bit.

Keep it up!

(paulina) #10

Hejka, dzięki. Thanks :slight_smile: I will definitly think about DOF.

I agree with you about vegetation, indeed it looks too repetitive. I will work on it in spare time. Thanks for your comment :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for your comment. I don’t understand exactly what do you mean by " it looks like archicad or revit more than blender"… It’s that kind of architecture - modern, simple. Some people like it, other don’t. Cars were made by - I love their models.

Hi, Shady_puck! Thanks for your comment :slight_smile: Yesss! OMG, melting car! Would you believe me if I told you I did not notice it until you pointed that out? I defenitly need to fix that! :wink:

regards, paulina

(csimeon) #11

Blender v2.79 has a built in denoiser. 2.79 RC1 is out

(paulina) #12

*csimeon - thanks, yes I’ve heard of the denoiser introduction in the latest version of Blender but for some reason this version does not work on my computer so i guess i will wait for official release.