API Blender 225: where are the "display settings"?

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API Blender 225: where are the displays settings?

I can see, and get, endframe, startframe, currentframe, etc.
But, there is no resolution info. Where are the xResolution and yResolution? And where are the Const module?


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Unfortunately there does not seem to be access to displaysettings in Publisher. For the LF script (and the ICARUS script as well) the user has to do it him/herself. But there is another problem I’m having, none of the Redraw() functions work unless it is done right after a button click. Which means that parts of the GUI are not refreshed…
I don’t know what you mean by the Const module, I don’t know of any, there are however two Const dictionaries, one in Blender.Window which contains the Window constants (the names of the different Blender windows), and the other is in Blender.NMesh, which contains the Face Mode flags.
All in all I have to say that the Publisher python API does not seem finished, it is not much different from the old BlenderLeague testversion, I have found several bugs…

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With Blender 2.23, try this:

import Blender
print dir(Blender.Const)