Aplication for sell ?

Please could you tell me if it is possible and legal to sell 3D aplication created with Blender game engine somewhere on the web ? So people pay with their credit card and then they can download ?

yes, it is fully legal to sell your blender creations. BUT, remember what your creation is. it’s NOT the game engine, but the .blend file. Blender’s GNU license states that you can sell your creation, but not the game engine. But, it also states that you may charge a price to distribute Blender or it’s game engine, but your customers may decompile and change content freely as long as they provide sourcecode to all. So, in order to ‘sell’ your games, you need to create a main blender .exe - i.e. make a runtime and then have it load external blend files containing your game or segments of it. simply use the game actuator and in the name text box, place the name of your file (level1.blend). make sure that your .blend file is in the same directory as the .exe or it won’t work!!! Hope this helps!

Read here for more info:


Thank you Matthewsjc1. I am little bit confused now. So If I understand well I can sell .exe file packed with python23.dll and SDL.dll and fmod.dll ? I hope I do not have to sell with .blend file and player…