apocalpse new mouselook

Fine I am using socials script now… you happy
but you do have to admit my old script sucked this is much better thanks I was to reluctant to try it before but you guys criticizing and saying it sucked made me try it out and I found to like it


I’m confused about why you made the gun much bigger than the actual character, and why you placed the empty that spawns bullets even farther out than the end of the barrel (which seems to be about 10 feet long already)

If your goal is to make the gun be ridiculously massive, you should at least place it such that it doesn’t look like a standard weapon from the character’s perspective, and figure out all the physics bugs it causes.

Also, turning left and right sometimes doesn’t work, and occasionally the player can’t walk. I’m not sure what causes these bugs.

Why do you keep posting new threads for your project? Keep it at one please.

Ok this will be the official thread