append a character and its bones actions

hi all,
i think i didnt start a thread properly so im starting a new one,the problem is,when i append my character rigged and animated to another scene or other file it doesnt import all of its actions ,it imports only the last selected when i saved the character file,when i open the character file and switch from action mode to dopesheet mode i can see only the last action used as well,can anyone help me out with this ?
thanks in advance,

You can always go back and append the Actions into the scene/file separately. When you append the actions just select them with shift click and load them all into the scene at once.

ok thanks man,i managed to save the actions in each part of the character and somehow it saved…i dont like the way the new version of blender bahaves but anyways lets get used to it hehe
thanks again Richard

Cool. Glad yo got it sorted.