Append a file enherits its location

hi all,
no matter what i try to do the appended file gets back to the original position as soon as i press P to play,it seems that it enherits the object position in this case the dynamic box,i tried every single option already and i didnt find the solution,so if i try to place my character appended to the center of the map,as soon as i press P when in game the character goes back to the original appended location,what should i do to get rid of that?

is there a way that i can copy the logic bricks from one object and then paste it in another?

yes, use the space search, and type “copy logic”

i was just about to say it is possible hehe ,or u can run through the objetcs menu and find the Game option then u select first the object to be copied and then the current logic bricks object and press copy logic bricks by that i found a way around trhe location issues however id like to know if theres any easier way of not enherit the append file location?

you probably have an IPO (F-Curve) on your root object. This can cause to put the copied object to the root position on frame 1.
Try to delete this Ipo.

Oh i c,nice tip tho but i had to fix it in a harder way so i had to recreate the dynamics and copy the logic bricks and fix some thta was missing =/ but next time ill defenetly pay attention on that!!!
thanks for the input dude :smiley: