append combines scenes instead of add <how?> //**Solved**//

i have made a camera system , i want to combine it with my character and level , whenever i append it , it is added in another scene , how can i combine scenes ? :frowning:


I’ve been working with the same problem trying to get a knight from scene one to scene two, and I’ve found CTRL L to work nicely. in your camera scene, just select the cameras and press CTRL L and select the scene you want to move them to and it copies it all. Hope it works and good luck.

thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile: , solved :slight_smile:

edit :- how did you solve it before ?

via the wiki ??

Nope, It was a question that I found in another thread and OTO answered it for us. I used it last night and It was kinda strange, I couldn’t move him in the scene I copied it to, just the one that I originally had it in, and when I deleted the scene the parenting broke, but I fixed it, but I cannot recall how. Good Luck.