Append doenst work on Blender 2.23 ?

(davejumpers) #1

So I made several models appart from each other due to computer power restrains.

Now I want to put them all together, but when I try to append, I browse and select the .blend file I want to append, but it opens like a directory and it apears to be empty.

I tried packing the blend file, un packing, converting everything to meshes… nothing worked.

I use blender 2.23 in Linux.


(allison) #2

I had the same problem. When using blender in linux, no matter what i did, i couldn’t append. Though, in windows, i had no problem. Is this a bug?


(theeth) #3

yes, there’s a bug with append with Blender 2.23, only on Linux.


(davejumpers) #4

shit :x

(davejumpers) #5

So, yeah, I just downloaded 2.22 on linux and it does work over there.


thanks though.