append file error message even on proper .blend file

(ryan) #1

I am in the process of learning Blender and I need to be able to import objects from one scene into another scene. Shift + F1 just gives me the “Error: not a library” message. To make sure my files were totally Okay, I used sample .blend files from the CD that came with the Blender Book by Carsten Wartmann. I followed the instructions below, given by Frank Stalter in the BlenderBase with no positive result. Does someone know what the next step would be to troubleshoot this problem? I am running Debian Linux (Sarge) on a P111. Thanks in advance,

[Frank Stalter adds:]

Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy and useful. Let’s say you want to append a material or object from your Append.Blend file to the file you’re currently working with. Hold down shift and press F1. Go to the appropriate file by right clicking until the file name is highlighted in blue and pressing enter. A “Load library” button will be visible in the top right of the window. Then you’ll see categories like materials, objects and so on. Right click on where you want to go and press enter. You can also select multiples objects or materials or meshes, so if you need to append several of them, you don’t have to repeat the process over and over.

(Schlops) #2

Don’t use blender 2.23 to import from other files. Use another version (2.25 ?)

(ryan) #3

Ryan here. I downloaded the source code for Blender 2.25 to address the append a file (error: not a library) message by upgrading from 2.23. My question right now is where is the README file with the instructions on installation? I looked through the files after unzipping the tar.gz and could not find the README file. I am not really very experienced in installing from source so I might have missed it.

(IngieBee) #4

Um, why install the handicaped source? You should download Blender publisher and install normally. It’s free for everyone, so there is no need, until the programming group start to add features and bug fixes, to play with the sources (unless you want to program of course).

Just go here:
and get the goods. if the url is broken up, just cut and paste please.

Now, If I’m not mistaken, I used to get confused trying to append. The thing I did was left click on the file I wanted to append, and try to hit enter, but nothing would happen (I may have gotten your warning, I don’t remember)

But what you have to do is Right Click and the file turns purply blue, LOL, and then hit enter, and that file will be broken down into elements (that’s why naming your meshes is important, LOL) and you can right click on as many objects as you want to append, then they should be placed in your scene with no problem.

I hope one of the two helps you

Love Ingie

(ryan) #5

Using Blender 2.23 I did try Shift + F1, right clicked the file which highlighted in purple and hit the enter key. This resulted in the error message.

I followed the suggestion to download Blender 2.25. I run Debian linux on a i686 machine so I downloaded the blender-source-2.25b.tar.gz file. Is the blender-publisher-2.25-linux-glibc2.1.2-i386.tar.gz the proper file for ending up with Blender 2.25? If so what is the normal installation procedure?

(Schlops) #6

Just untar the file in a temp directory: tar xvzf blender-publisher-2.25-linux-glibc2.1.2-i386.tar.gz and change to the newly created directory. Start blender from there with ./blenderpublisher or move that file to a directory in your PATH.

(ryan) #7

I would like to thank everyone for your responses. I successfully installed Blender Publisher 2.25 and can append to a file now with “no problemo!” and no error messages. Oh BTW I can see the importance of naming meshes.

Ryan :smiley:

(jeotero) #8

I have 2.25 in windows and i still cannot append from a file created in 2.25

(pamtango) #9

I find I sometimes can, and sometimes not - apend from publisher that is.
You can nearly always apend from the file if you make a copy and save it in creator 2.23.
So, open you pub file in creator and save with new name - I put a ‘C’ in front of the file name so that I know it when I look for it in the file list to apend from.
It seems the files I have problems with in pub are larger ones. I’ve had other problems with large files in pub as well, like NLA shutting down the program when I go to its window, or pressing the ‘home’ button when in the key armatures action window, also shutting down the program. Again, happens in larger files.
I’m hoping this problem will be addressed and fixed in the future.
Good luck,
Pam :wink:
PS: . . . and sometimes a pub file won’t open in creator. A new glitch I just now discovered. Unknown source to this problem, file is not that large - 601K.

(jeotero) #10

ok, so basically open and save in creator, will try