Append or Link dont work !?!

I need to get an armature of another .blend file (I use the 2.49 version), but after I browse the .blend file, select armature and click in append nothing happen.

If I see in outliner the samething (I guess the problem is visibilty of the imported object but no, really the armature dont is imported).

Any idea ?:slight_smile:

Add an armature. Select it then in the Editing / Link and Materials panel select the appended armature from the drop down list.

Thanks, work correctly.
Is strange this way of work…

I notice the process dont get the constraints (like IK.Solvers and another rules I put in original armature), :frowning:

You could append the armature object instead of the armature datablock.

How ??!?!

Have a look at attached pic…and pay attention to the directory structure…

Basically, what Richard is saying is to import the armature as an object, not an armature. Use append to open the blender file, click on ‘object’ and then from the new directory, select the armature to bring it in as an object. Anything property associated with the armature object (constraints, etc) will be appended as well


PS - the white-out part of the dir structure is just the name of my hd, which happens to be my real name…


Ok, I’ll try, but if I understand correctly the “object” folder was created by you when you click in append passing the new folder.