Append or Link Object-Group from other File

I have some Problems appending an Object-Group from another File. The Results are so odd, I cant explain it. So I made a bunch of Schreenshots below and aranged it together for better understanding.

As I appended the Group more or less successfull, one Object, named “Stift”, has a white Icon I don’t know what it is (look Screenshot) but it seems to me, that this may cause the Problems - at least partialy.

Next, when (sadly no sreenshot for this) I put all 4 Meshes in an Empty Object as parent in Source File and append them, all Meshes come correct as Child except the “Stift” is thrown out to top with no parent.

Last is, when I try to Link the Objects to another File, I get totally nothing except a Reference in the Outliner and no chance for me to get any kind of Instance from.

I have no Idea any more where else to look ore change to get that Pen as is into another File whithout these odd Results. My Blender Version is up to date by the way.

Click Image to enlarge.

Put everything into a group in the source file. Append or link to the group. The feature works best that way.

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Thanks, it works now.
I have created a new Target File, played around with some Group Methods and got it working then very well.
But sadly don’t know what caused that behave. Maybe I made mistakes on grouping.
Linking Objects started working after using a full Path to the Source File, then back with relative Path it continues working with no more Problems.