Append problem with textures

Haya, I’m fairly new to blender and I made a bouy, which I’m trying to get into a ocean landscape to render.

When I append the bouy (Boje.blend -> objects/Boje_komplett) into the ocean (ocean.blend, not made by me) and start rendering the colour is completely off. The outliner says that the textures and images are in the object, but looking directly into the material, all the data is missing (i hope that made sense?).

I tried to make a new file and append the bouy into it and it worked perfectly.

I downloaded the ocean scene from blendswap (//edit link removed by author//).

Also trying to append the ocean into my Boje.blend doesn’t work either, the ocean won’t render at all (emptiness).

bouy: //edit link removed by author//

greetings, Ivyi

You’re mixing two projects made for different render engines: yours uses Blender Internal, ocean uses Cycles. Main point is that materials are not compatible/ interchangeable (fully, automatically) between these renderers. Your best bet would be to switch Cycles render and tell materials for your Boje object to use Nodes. This will create simple Cycles node material and at least your colors should be ok.
Mind that World settings also are different between BI and Cycles.

Hay eppo,
thank you very very much, that was indeed the problem. =)
I found a nice script in the Forum to fill the nodes from preexisting materials, but now everything looks… wierd and ‘dotty’. Oh well more tutorials to go though i guess. x)

That’s Cycles sampling default value 10 for the preview. Increase number to 100 if you have nvidia video card or multicore CPU. For the final image render Samples should be set much higher - that takes time then. Render tab - Sampling is the place to look.