Append Question

I know how to append stuff but how do I bring in a model and and its armature together. Very new to blender so a step by step guide would be much appreciated.

I tryed grouping them in the original comp then importing them as a group, but I can’t figure how to get them onto the stage. I hit the space bar, selected place group and all that comes up is a grey unselectable version.

Glad to receive steer in the right direction, starting to wreck me head,

If you append a Group it should come in green, not gray. If you RMB select one of the objects in the group it’ll turn a brighter green. Unless you choose “Active Layer” in Shft-F1before appending they will come in on the layer(s) they’re on in the host file, and also in the Location they’re at in the host file unless you click “At Cursor”. Not sure where you found “place grouped” ? Once they are appended you can Grab them like any other object.

The other way to append Parent/Child heirarchies is to append from the Object Library in Shft-F1and select all related objects with RMB (they turn blue when selected) then Enter or “Load Library”. Just be sure to include all Constraint Targets and suchlike or it won’t work like the original.


flig knows all.