Appended Object Won't Stay Still!!!

I’m trying to append my eye model into my new project, and that works fine. However, after I move it anywhere, if I ever press Ctrl+Z, no matter how many actions I have performed since importing it, it will jump back to the origin. It’s behaving just like a virtual duplicate (at least the way they behave for me). In case it matters, I just appended the eye object from the original .blend, instead of appending the mesh and everything individually. I’ve attached a screenshot below.



When you append an object, many things come with it…materials, textures and even IPOs. Select the eye and open an IPO editor window to see if it has any IPOs attached that would be forcing it to stay in a particular spot at frame 1.

Best of Luck!

Doh! Of course! I forgot that the eye was animated in the other .blend file. Thanks for the help.