Apple Digital Painting Work

Here’s a peice of artwork using or rather, testing, my digital painting skills. An easy subject and common still life, an apple. I’ve wanted to be able to create competant digital works for a while, something new to add to my list of skills.
Please tell me what you think, i wanna improve how i work… :smiley:


well, the painting/texture work is very nice…now, the drawing…
probably apples could be any shape…but yours is “special”?!
The “vegetable” is weird and the shadow too, looks like “oil”?

I’ve seen apples shaped like that. I think.
But yeah, the shadow doesn’t look quite right.
Nice job though.

I really like the lighting on it. I don’t think the leaf and stem look out of place, just a little cartoony ompared to the fruit part.

the image was based on a pic of an apple. I wasn’t going for complete duplication, just to get an idea of shading and style, basically learning to hone how i put concept art together. To me this was succesful, i’m not bothered that the leaf is quite large and the shadow is strange lol

Really nice. The main flaw to my eye is the lack of sharp lines at any edge of the apple (including the inside edge under the stalk - that at least ought to be sharp, or the DOF comes on unrealistically (or at least unaethetically) quickly.

The internal detailing is all really nice.


Shadow wrong, light from top ?

I it more cartoon than…real