Apple Magic Mouse with Blender Issues

Hi there

I use Apples Magic Mouse and it works great with all Adobe Products I have.
Just Blender is acting more like crazy.

The rotate pan and zoom middle mouse commands often do not work.
when zooming it also triggers the time line and plays frames
when rotating it also is zooming

Any body here who uses a magic mouse as well with Blender who got it to work?

I read in posts that this seems to be more an issue with Blender itself and not the
mouse as the same double function bugs happend with the track pad as well.

I use magic mouse, but I don’t understand how can you use the middle button, I would like to be able to do, because I miss the de-select option from every tools.
For rotate pan zoom I have Alt-LBM, Alt-Shift-LBM and the wheel respectively, and I must say they work very fine.
Things like triggering of the timeline occurs sometime when Blender is not the frontmost application and I turn the wheel hovering over his window.


Edit: Forgot to say I select with Left button, that’s why I can’t use Emulate 3 Button Mouse in preferences.

well the trackpad as well as the magic mouse (having a track surface) are receptive to slide and rotate movements.
If you rotate and pinch your fingers on a mac book trackpad you rotate and zoom at the same time - thats the big problem.

If you want to have middle mouse buttons you can use this software: MagicPrefs

It is pretty cool extends the mouse with a lot of functions. I like this mouse just feel for 3D apps it is not suitable and so seem also all other track tools.

What is odd is that while being a tecki I feel old fashioned scroll wheel mouse strain your fingers less and are more precise when clicking cause you know what you feel.

I agree that the ‘classic’ mouse with scroll wheel is maybe more relaxing for 3d, moreover the MM doesn’t give way to gestures like the trackpad does, but I’m happy like that anyway, cause of the problems you pointed out above.

I’ll give a try to MagicPref, thank you.
If I could get a suitable way to simulate the middle button, it would be perfect!


well I doubt you would - I wasn’t able to.

even with MagicPrefs I ran often into the gesture modes. But the application has many settings and also application specific presets.

at the end I configured in Blender the middle mouse to be right click shift alt crtl for the 3D view and it works like a charm.
the missing tactile function for the middle mouse button makes it hard to always hit it right.

But I also noticed a lot of click lag with Blender.

However in all Adobe products the mouse runs great and there I totally love the scroll (left right up down) ability of the MM because it does not trigger any zoom issue like in Blender.

But I read also on other forums that track surface based mouse are not ideal for 3D in general - now I know why :wink:

I am trying Just now MagicPrefs, and it seems right what i needed.
What I want to gain in general is:
1- To get back the page-back and page-forward in Finder (Lion). I have set them to Two fingers Swipe Up and Down, a little innatural but they work.
2- the MBM in Blender: I’ve set it to Two fingers Click and it works sometimes and sometimes not. After many tries I can’t understand what makes the difference from One and Two fingers. For instance, C+Two-Fingers sometime it deselects, and sometime it selects like C+LBM, just a very small change in touching makes the difference.
I have to investigate for better options.

I don’t like so much the scrolling behaviour in Adobe progs, to me it’s too slow and it lacks dynamic; to navigate in large images is a pain.

As for the zoom issue you say, I remember I had this problem with a blender revision about two months ago, and it was due to a compiling with OpenMP, but JansVerwiebe quickly resolved it; apart from that case I have no such issue.