applicates on PS2/XBox?

hey guys, is it possible to use things like blender and photoshop on PS2 or XBox? i heard it was possible on PS3 and XBox 360, but if you guys could help a nub out on this, it would be sexy. :yes:

btw, just got DDR Supernova on PS2. it roooccks. it’s actually what made me think of this.

I’ve heard of people installing Linux on PS2s (and XBOXs, too, I think), so if you did that, I think it would work. I haven’t tried it and haven’t really read up on it, so your mileage may vary.:wink: Keep in mind that consoles are designed with games in mind and typically have small amounts of RAM, so they may not perform very well with Blender or other computer based programs.