Application templates on 2.8 - Manual guide

Hello team. If you´re familiar with this:

I´d like to know if application templates will be ported to 2.8? Since we are drawing near the release candidate (RC) date, I´m curious weather or not application templates will make a come back into the 2.8 series (no splash or custom .py shortcuts directly on the .zip application templates)?
Since there wasn´t an official guide on how implement .py custom addons with the .zip application template file, I was wondering if the 2.8 manual will cover this topic?


I installed a .zip containing the files specified for an application template on Blender 2.79 for Blender 2.8, and the stats show a “template” installed from the .zip. But there´s no where to APPLY (activate) the installed template. How do I do that?
Also: The FONTS on User preferences>Text Rendering> (Aliasing, Interface font, mono-font) don´t get saved on userpref.blend. I´m using no antialiasing, Verdana and Ubunutu-mono.
On Interface>Display (size), I´m using 1.5. Didn´t get saved on userpref.blend either.
@William Is there an additional setting to use on Blender 2.8 application templates to save those settings?
Is there an additional setting to include .py scripts (addons) so that the application template will use the addons upon application template install? New keymaps auto assigned, also don´t get saved for the template.

Please help.

I received an answer somewhere else, and I was told that under the VFX, 2D animation, and the extra “…” there´s an option for installing application templates on 2.8
Well, I did “apply” it, but no splash screen or the custom keyboard mapping is working. I used the same recommendations for splash screen size and folder hierarchy than that one of the 2.79 structure.
What else do I need to complete?

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Hi @William, I´ve setup a manual directory to choose my application template, but on blender 2.81: blender crashes when I select it.

I´ve followed the instructions on the 2.8 manual.
Is there any additional setting I need to make on the directory?

You application template will be in splash screen. In the list below “New file”.

There are another default templates in the list: General, 2D Animation etc

yeah, that answer is old. Still the splash screen doesn´t change and shortcuts aren’t activated…on application templates 2.81
I am using a custom theme, not vanilla 2.81 alpha.

Running into the same issue here with 2.81 beta.

My basic template works, but no custom splash screen on start, even when manually adding it to the command line and running: blender --app-template my_template

Haven’t tried themes or shortcuts yet though.