Appliying Color Management after saving image file

I want to save my rendered image and later apply some of the options in Color Management like (Film, camera look, curves, white level etc). I checked and it seems that Color Management affects images in the compositor so that’s fine but my question is what format should I save out my images in for best results? OpenEXR, OpenEXR Mulitlayer, hdr?
Also saving what options do you recommend? I guess “save as render” should be unchecked so I don’t bake any adjustments into the image.
Help would be appreciated!

Use OpenEXR Multilayer, that will preserve what you have in the render buffer as-is. That’s basically the purpose OpenEXR was designed for, a generic format for framebuffer dumps to save/reload/exchange. “Save as render” shouldn’t affect either EXR mode, I think it’s hidden, actually.

Thank you!