Apply a Texture to a General Shape From the Outside Edges Inward.

I need to take a ramp gradient and apply it as a texture to an arbitrary 2D shape from it’s edges inward. As an example, a special case of this would be a spherical gradient applied to a circle. I need to apply this many times over so anything requiring manual mapping would not be suitable.

Could anyone help me with this? I’ve run searches but I don’t appear to be using the correct terms to home in on what I’m looking for.

Your question isn’t any clearer than it was last time you asked it. Can you give us a pictorial example of the effect you are trying to achieve?

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are u talking about a radial ramp may be ?
can you show a pic of this effect !

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The classic example would be a circular gradient applied to a circle. The second image approximates the general case. I’m looking to uniformly apply the gradient as a function of the distance from the edge along the 2D normal of the point on the periphery toward the nominal center.

Another way to look at it would be a depth map of a mountain as viewed from directly above.


here is a polar - circular gradient example

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Thanks. Can you tell me where to locate the Texture Coordinates node? I can’t find that particular one. And is this method applicable to a generalized 2D shape?

it is using generated coord so it should work !
and the text coord is in the input section

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