Apply armature deformation to mesh [answered]

Is it possible to apply the deformation made by an armature to the parented mesh, so the armature could be deleted? A procedure similar to lattice deform, if you know what I mean.

It would be a good way to model characters which are not moving. Just pose them, apply the deformation and remove the armature.

I cannot find any post with good info about this. Has anyone got some good tip for this?


This is possible with the Apply button in the Modifier stack.

I guess the modifier stack was not yet implemented in Blender 2.34, because I don’t know where it is.

I’m using Blender 2.34, and I forgot to write this important information.

My apologies


I don’t have the version here, but you can check out the Space menu. In 2.41 is in Transform - Clear/Apply - Apply deformation (Shift Ctrl A)

Using ‘apply deformation’ (Shift+Cntrl+A) does not work on a mesh deformed by an armature.

So I guess I’ll have to check out if Blender 2.41 has got this option.


I checked the 2.34 version and there is a Python script Apply deformation that works with armatures. Hope that helps.

I have had the script since it was first posted here. I thought that applying the deformation caused by an armature was the whole purpose of that "apply deformation’ modfier?

Thanks! That’s it! :smiley:

I rarely use the Python scripts and didn’t know this specific script was there.

I was using the basic ‘Apply deformation’ (Shift+Cntrl+A) and this works only on lattice deformation.