Apply one material to many object in one pass, possible?

I’m struggling to figure it out but I can’t assign a material to more than 1 object at once… I have many object in my scene but really do I select one and assign material, another and assign the same material and so on?

Well. Instead you could assign a material to one object and then link that material to other objects. Before linking you need to select the objects that should have the same material and make sure that the active object contains the material to link to others. Note that active object is the last selected object. This part of selection is usually drawn in different color than the other selected objects. After you have done this, hit ctrl-l and select “Materials” (or hit 4). You can find this command at the Object menu of the 3D viewport too should you forget it.

If you wish to make the materials linked unique (ie. not linked), use “Make Single User” (u key) in similar manner.

Yes this is possible.
First assign your Material to object 1, then select all objects with object 1 as the last one. Now 1 is active (brighter selectioncolour).
Type Ctrl+L and choose Material from the Popup. That’s it.

For other Data Types you can use the DataCopierScript in the Object Menu.


WOOOooooOOW! So many thanx guys, you saved my day!