Apply transformations window

When I want to apply Transformations Object A screen popups whit choices but how to confirm the settings.


…but how to confirm the settings.

The application of “transformations” is automatically applied.

The dialog box that appears allows you to modify your choice or add / delete a “transformation”.
For this, your object must not have been moved, scaled, turned BEFORE modifying this dialog box.

Thanks 1 button apply would be useful now it is confusing.

How is it confusing? That’s literally how 99% of Blender’s operators work: execute, then adjust. There are very few excpetions, and those are usually for very costly operations (like remesh).

I have never seen such a dialog box in the viewport before blender 2.8.
Also the dialog box appears as if its is waiting to confirm. How can you get it away.
Why do we need this dialog box.
Its confusing because I already have chosen the location rotation scale etc.

Also the dialog box appears as if its is waiting to confirm. How can you get it away.

Just do not display it in full opening, but leave it in reduced mode.
These dialog boxes, generally located at the bottom left of the view, are displayed during an operation on an object (Displacement, scaling, Inset, Adding an object, applying transformations, etc. …)

If you reduce it (triangle to the left of the title of the dialog box), it will remain in this state, even for other operations …

??? It’s the operator panel. It pops up literally for every operator that can be re-done. By default it pops up collapsed, but after you expand it it stays expanded for any future operation, until you collapse it again. To not see it you have to explicitly disable it via toggling the View -> Adjust Last Operation checkbox, which you obviously haven’t done since it is showing.
What do you mean “why”? The sole purpose of this box to adjust the last operation. Yes, it may appear redundant for “apply”, but only because the various options are exposed via the menu before invoking it. But to call it “confusing” when literally most of Blender’s operators work in exactly the same way is… confusing.

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And if I can add this in addition:

  • if you deactivate this bialogue box by View> Adjust Last Operation. . . you always have the possibility of activating it punctually thanks to the F9 key.
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Indeed, and if such access to that panel is desired, it’s better to stick to the hotkey (as opposed to going via menu Edit -> Adjust Last Operation…) until this unfortunate state of affairs is fixed.

Thanks hotkey is a good idea.