Apply two-side to all faces selected - 2.5 BGE

Hi guys,
I’m using blender 2.5 beta,
I need to apply the two-side to all the faces of my object but when I select all the faces and check the two-side box only the last selected has changed:mad:. there is a way to apply it to all faces selected at the same time?

How did you apply two-sided in 2.5x GE to the active face? I tried and it doesn’t work. The only way I’m seeing it working is by duplicating the faces and inverting normals…

This addon should do the trick, but good luck using it. It sees constant revision to keep up with the latest api changes. If you don’t build your own blender, it could be difficult to match a build with a working version of the script. I use the script myself and know that it works great.

I haven’t tried it out yet, but this script may be helpful:

Edit, kupoman beat me to it, I uploaded the script so you don’t have to sign up to the tracker.

Go in Edit mode (Tab) select all faces (A) and in the object data there is a list of checks.
My problem is that even if I check the two side one, it applies the feature only at one face.
P.S. You need the object UVs to visualize the list and you have to set the Blender Game Mode.

Thanks guys for your help, I tried the script but it doesn’t works…my skills are to low to understand why. the only solution at the moment is duplicate and flip.

It looks as though we shouldent have to wait to long for this feature to be returned, or a working addon to be included. In the mean time, why dont you just split the faces you want two sided to a seperate object, save as a new blend, and then open just that object in 2.49. Set the flags. Then append back. It can alter some material settings, but apart from that it should be fine.