Apply Visual Transform

Yay basics…

…what does Apply Visual Transform do? I was thinking it would be like Apply Scale/Rotation to Ob Data but it’s not.

I’m not 100% sure of this but seem to recall from release notes it applies constraints transformations to bones so you can delete the constraint.


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Thank you. That makes some sense. Glad to know I’m not the only one not 100% sure about these things.

I use apply visual transform to reset my scale to 1.0. Some of the external render systems require this or they don’t work right. Say my cube is scaled to 5.0. After I apply visual transformation, the numeric input box will report that my cube is scaled to 1.0 although the size does not change.

I applied a path constraint to a cube so it would travel along the circle. Then I applied the visual transformation and the cube jumped off screen. Then I delete the constraint and sure enough, the cube was in the exact position along the circle before the apply visual transformation was applied. But the constraint was no longer there. I have never used it for that, but I guess it works, although a bit confusing when your object disappears, momentarily.

That’s why I was asking though. If I resize, rotate and move an object, then go through object > Clear/Apply > Apply Visual Transforms, the properties of the object don’t change. Scale stays where it is.