Applying a spec map

I can’t believe I’m asking such a basic question and all but it’s late and my stuf it getting past its deadline.

I made a procedural specmap and exported it by applying as colour and baking this. It resulted in UV map of greyscale spec like I wanted.

Trouble is - reapplying this. When I add it as a texture set to mapped input UV and as colour, it looks good…so now I want it to have spec there instead of colour…but when I go mapto spec instead of col, the whle texture just gets really bright.

It should be easy. Help please.

What’s the specmap look like (lots of black areas or lots of light areas)?

You can tweak it with the DVar button as well (turn down the influence from 1.0 to whatever). DVar is a slider at the bottom left column of the Map To panel.

What I do:

Hit No RGB, click the spec button once and change the blending mode to Add.

I’m sure there’s others methods, but that’s what I’ve found gets the best results.

Thanks guys. Dvar made a difference although I ended up changing from Spec to Reflectivity to get closer to the effect I wanted. Hoping it follows through when I appy this to linked clones (should do… once I make them local.)

Curious… why NoRGB on a specmap? Would it make it take data from the Alpha value?