Applying a texture to a Character

(ookami77) #1

I’m trying to texture a character (i.e. add a face and freckles, etc.) and am having a tough time figuring out a good way to do it. I’m an experienced Photoshop user and artist so the actual drawing of the face and other features is not a problem but applying them is a bit difficult. Is there someone who can offer advice on how to go about this? Should I break the textures up into sections (i.e. one for face, one for arms, one for legs, etc.) or is it best to use one texture for the entire body? If it is best to use only one then, how can I most accurately calculate the way to draw for the curve of a body. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

(S68) #2


make a search on UV texturing.

Ingeebee should have on her site a tutorial on it

dickie and his Shroom Goddess (q.v.) has a ‘how I made it’
on his site.


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You should also look out of a competent Unwrapper.

A good one is Pill unwrapper at


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WOW! UV Mapping is Amazing!!! it’s so easy that I almost want to not use it for fear of becomming too reliant on it… Thanks for the info!!