Applying a texture to a materal?

So I decided to jump into 2.8 so I can learn where everything moved to. I decided to make a globe, bit there are so many options that have moved or seem to be missing.

So I created a UV sphere, but there doen’t seem to be an option to unwrap. It appears that it’s now done automatically when I went to the UV editing tab. I loaded a texture in the UV editor and it seems to map the picture to the sphere, but my sphere is still grey. In the Scene collection I notice I’m missing the material. I add a material and also notice that for some reason the texture tab is empty(?) I load the texture there too, but I can’t seem to find a way to put the texture on the material, or apply the texture to the model. A little help here?

This is what I see…

I’ve never used the flow-chart thing in blender before, so I’m assuming that’s how it’s done now? I’ll look for it and experiment. I’m assuming it’s under one of the tabs on top.

Load your World -Texture

template.blend (935.0 KB)