Applying location

Hey guys, I am trying to apply location to an empty and it just isn’t working out.

If I apply location, doesn’t that mean it will just, like scale and rotation, make whatever it’s new location is the 0,0,0 point?

When I try that now though, it literally moves my empty back to the 0,0,0 point of the scene.

Any help is appreciated!

There is no edit mode for an empty… Object mode is all there is. For mesh objects you can move the vertices away from the origin by moving them in edit mode.

I am not speaking of the objects origin point, but the location it is at in the transforms panel. It not being at 0,0,0 is messing up my rig hand parenting atm.

You will find object origin at the location that is in transform panel. When applying location (ctrl+A -> location) to an object it can be applied to, it moves the object origin to 0,0,0 while the object data stays where it is. Can’t do that with an empty object since it’s basically just a transformation in 3D space, a reference object.

It is almost never necessary to use an empty for armature rigging. Just use a bone.

I’m using the empty for interactions with hands in game engine, and since the bone constraint childOf is still broken in game engine, the only way I saw to do this was to use the parent actuator on an empty which is parented to the bone (since you cannot use the parent actuator to parent to a bone [I believe]).

@JA12 thanks for the explanation, I didn’t know that was what happened exactly when location is applied, so that makes sense now why this isn’t working.