Applying logo to simple plate


I can’t seem to get my head around getting my logo to be applied to a (bent) plate.

rect4075.png is the Logo that I want displayed on my bent plate

logo1.blend is the blend file of the plate

plate.jpg is the (unsatisfactory) result of my render.

I can’t see anyway to rotate the png so it sits on (one side) of the plate the right way up.


logo1.blend (212 KB)

Learn about UV mapping
Also next time pack your textures in the blend file (File / External Data)


Thanks for your help.

I have looked at the video over and over again, but I am no closer to understanding what is going on.

I am unable to get my simple plate to display the logo. Attached is the closest I can get, the logo displayed rotated and on only one of the faces of the plate.

The normals for one face are inverted, the material isn’t set to use UV mapped coordinates and the Map Input coordinates were changed from xyz to zxz


logo1.blend (101 KB)

Hi Organic.

I managed to get it to work eventually, with the assistance of a few of your pointers, thanks.

Still not entirely sure what I did.