Applying material to multiple objects?

Hey guys.

I made the mistake of duplicating an object multiple times without applying the material that I wanted, is there a way to apply a material to multiple objects all at once to save time?

Apply the material to one object. Then select all the objects you want this material applied to, then also select the object with the material (this needs to be the last object selected so that it is the active object). Then Ctrl+L / Material to link the active material to all the selected objects

wow thanks

Other way to it … or it’s the same way ? “am just a noob”… After selecting the object which you need to change it’s material, in the shading tab F5 under Links and Pipes - Link to object click on the small up and down arrows next to (MA:) Then click new … there you have : another material, notice the new material has the same materials it already had (If it was red it’s still going to be red you just change it and see)
Also one thing I always get tricked in that when you change the materials the texture doesn’t change ! it’s the same idea your new object will have it’s last textures.
Hopefully I helped you ! because this is the first time I help someone here :\ I always ask only for help …

I didn’t mean the emotion next to “ma:” *******

Ten years later that’s the answer I need, but I have a follow-up question:

Materials are Global, right?, not a hierarchical relation ship to the first mesh they are applied to?

Also, does this only Link the FIRST material?