Applying Mesh Transforms to a Collection of Objects (and iterating the output)

I have put together a pretty rudimentary node tree that transforms a mesh based on a matrix of random Eulers, that functions as expected:

Question: I’m trying to apply these transformations to a collection of objects, rather than a single mesh (in this case a cube & an icosphere). With the goal being a “grid” of objects from a collection, that resemble the instanced icosphere in the first image. I’ve attempted looping through the collection like this:

As well as using collection info + copy object data to create instances of the collection:

I feel like I might be close but I’m quite stumped, I’ve been working on this issue for a while and it’s been causing major headaches, any help is appreciated!!

To reiterate: My goal is to create a grid of objects sourced from a collection, that are each stacked instances, rotating “randomly”: